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APM PPQ - Project Professional Qualification

APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ)

The PPQ is an upward progression from the Project Management Qualification (PMQ) on the route to becoming a Chartered Project Professional (ChPP). Passing either of the lower-level qualifications, the Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) or the Project Management Qualification (PMQ), is not a necessary pre-requisite for taking the PPQ.

The APM Project Professional Qualification 2nd edition assessment is based on a pre-seen case study and is divided into three parts: a scenario role-play assessment, an oral exam assessment and a written report.

The MSC has been accredited by APM to offer this new course.  We invite potential candidates to contact us with an expression of interest.  This may be done by filling in a module course booking form or an email via the contact page.

The MSC approach to preparing delegates for PPQ is to devise a flexible arrangement that fits the needs both of those who have passed PMQ; flexible in terms of when it is convenient to hold the online webinars or tutorials.

For those who have passed PMQ , the extra knowledge required for PPQ is small.  So additional material (such as ethics) is included in the MSC BoK7 PMQ Study Guide. The PPQ challenge is to adjust to the new assessment criteria - critically evaluate, critically analyse and demonstrate.

There are three PPQ assessments lasting a total of 2 hours 35 minutes, which are based on a pre-seen case-study:

  • Scenario - role-play - 20 minutes plus 10 minutes preparation.
  • Oral exam - 50 minutes.
  • Written report - 60 minutes plus 15 minutes preparation.

Support from the MSC will be provided online with developing the skills as specified in the syllabus of:

  • critical analysis
  • critical evaluation
  • demonstration

This will be done through:

  • evaluation by the MSC tutor of written work submitted by the delegate - based on the APM Sample Questions, plus
  • individual or small-group (2 - 4) tutorials to discuss written work, develop oral, case study analysis, report writing and presentation skills based on the APM sample case study/questions plus 
  • access to the MSC MOODLE site containing podcasts, quizzes, copies of presentation slides used for PMQ. Extra material will be developed for PPQ.

Details of the webinars may be found by clicking on the button below for the online PPQ course.

APM documentation can be accessed here:

View the PPQ Syllabus
Candidate Guidance
Assessment Specification
Exam Techniques
Sample Case Study

Sample Oral Exam Questions 1
Sample Oral Exam Questions 2

Candidate Brief Scenario 1
Candidate Brief Scenario 2
Candidate Brief Scenario 3

Candidate Brief Report 1
Candidate Brief Report 2
Candidate Brief Report 3

PPQ Online Training - for those with PMQ

This course is available to those who have reached PMQ or equivalent standard. It includes eight online webinars devoted to PPQ examination preparation plus mock oral exams plus submission of a written report to the tutor for assessment - this is equivalent to five mornings.  In addition delegates will have access to the MSC MOODLE for the knowledge required (primarily from PMQ) - podcasts, quizzes, slides. Total cost including the APM PPQ exam fee is £1085 + VAT.


PPQ APM examination only

This covers just entry for the three online APM PPQ assessments.