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PPQ Online Training - for those with PMQ

Course description

The MSC online learning course aims to develop the approach expected for the assessment criteria - critically evaluate, critically analyse and demonstrate.

The PPQ online webinars are designed for candidates to understand how to approach the assessment questions and to present orally or write answers of the type expected by the examiners.

The PPQ online course fee includes:

  • Our MSC PMQ (BoK7) Study Guide - to give you the required knowledge. It contains:
    • 16 chapters plus additional material for PPQ
  • On-line access to MOODLE learning management system which contains:
    • Introductory video podcast for PMQ ( in MP4 format) to the online course.
    • 36 video podcasts for PMQ to cover the knowledge required by the syllabus - listen to the tutor, see the slides - nearly six and a half hours long.
    • 60 multiple-choice questions for PMQ  in four quizzes each taking 15 minutes.
    • copies of all APM PPQ documentation - syllabus, sample paper, guide for candidates.
    • copies of all slides used in the webinars.

In addition, the included PPQ specific training is as follows:

    • Seven exam-preparation webinars each 75 minutes long. They will cover introduction to the PPQ syllabus and assessment criteria, sample case study analysis, updates to BoK7 from BoK6, the role-play scenario assessment, the oral examination and written report.
    • Assignment submission  of one candidate report based on the APM Sample Candidate Reports; this will be assessed by the tutor.
    • Additional webinars/tutorials as required.

APM online PPQ examination is also included in the fee.

    • APM Online examinations are currently scheduled in 2020 for 9, 18 and 24 November, plus 4 December - delegates can select a convenient day and time (09.00, 10.50, 13.40, 15.30).
    • 2021 dates are February 8, 17, 23, March 5; June 7, 15,23, July 1; October 4, 13, 21, 29.

Webinars can be online versions of a classroom teaching session; ours that evaluate the case study and sample assessments are not. They employ flipped-learning techniques - delegates analyse the material prior to the webinar; they are then expected to contribute substantially to the discussions.

   Course Dates

Cost: £1085 +VAT



12 to 15 July 2021
9 to 12 August 2021
20 to 23 September 2021
18 to 21 October 2021
15 to 18 November 2021
13 to 16 December 2021