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What is PPQ

PPQ - What is it?

The APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ) is an exam-based qualification that tests both knowledge and application of that knowledge across a range of core competencies described in the APM Competency Framework 2nd edition.

It is an upward progression from the Project Management Qualification (PMQ or APMP) on the route to becoming a Registered Project Project Professional. However, passing either of the lower-level qualifications, the Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) or the Project Management Qualification (PMQ), is not a necessary pre-requisite for taking the PPQ.

Who is it for?

The APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ) is aimed at any project professional either:

  • working in a project, programme or portfolio management,
  • holding the APM Project Management Qualification or equivalent,
  • looking to become a Full member of APM (MAPM).

The qualification provides employers with a high-quality professional workforce and individuals with access to a rewarding career.

Organisational benefits:

The modular structure enables you to demonstrate your commitment to developing the best talent across your whole project management community

  • Elective modules help you develop the right skills for the right roles.
  • It demonstrates your commitment to delivering successful projects, programmes and portfolios.
  • Investing in the people who deliver your projects, programmes and portfolios raises the profile and standard of project management within your organisation.

Individual benefits:

  • Provides you with structured personal development to help develop your career.
  • Improves your chances when applying for new roles.
  • Enables you to engage more effectively and confidently with peers, clients and employers.
  • Builds your professional status to help you stand out from the crowd.

What is assessed?

To achieve the APM Project Practitioner Qualification, candidates are required to pass three core modules and one elective module.

Core modules:

  • 1. Professionalism and managing others
  • 2. Planning and control
  • 3. Governance

Elective modules:

  • 4. Project management
  • 5. Programme management
  • 6. Portfolio management

Each module has a separate three hour examination; each consists of four compulsory questions based on a specific scenario.  Candidates are given 30 minutes to read and digest the scenario before the examination starts.

The examination tests not just knowledge but the candidates' application of that knowledge; answers should utilise material from the candidates' own readings and/or experiences.

The pass mark is 60%.  Once awarded, the qualification does not expire.

Candidates may take into the examination up to five sides of pre-prepared A4 notes.