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2023 Accelerated Online Training

How to apply

Prospective course delegates are asked to complete the full application form for their chosen course of training. 


The PMQ online course fee includes:

  • Our MSC PMQ Study Guide - to give you the required knowledge. It contains:
    • Past APM sample questions .
    • 16 chapters  each covered in about 90 minutes during the classroom course.
    • Appendix on examination technique .
    • Appendix containing APM Specimen Examination Paper of 16 questions, plus an additional 16 questions; these are based on  64 of the 67 assessment criteria.
  • On-line access to MOODLE learning management system which contains:
    • Introductory video podcast ( in MP4 format) to the online course.
    • 36 video podcasts  to cover the knowledge required by the syllabus - listen to the tutor, see the slides - nearly six and a half hours long.
    • 60 multiple-choice questions  in four quizzes each taking 15 minutes.
    • copies of all APM PMQ documentation - syllabus, sample paper, guide for candidates.
    • copies of all slides used in the classroom version and podcasts.
  • Access to eight flipped-learning webinars to develop understanding of the course material - four mornings.
  • Examination preparation:
    • Two exam-preparation webinars each 80 minutes long. Each webinar is held every two weeks. Delegates book their workshop after starting the course.
    • Assignment submissions of up to five exam-type questions, which will be marked by the tutor to examination standard.

With over 70 million users worldwide, Moodle is the most popular and trusted learning system around today. Webinars might be online versions of a classroom session; ours are not. They employ flipped-learning techniques - delegates learn the material prior to the webinar through reading the MSC Study Guide or listening to the video podcasts.  The challenging face-to-face webinars are about tackling problems to enhance understanding.

The webinars assume that delegates have already completed at least 12 hours study and can contribute positively to the discussions about the links between topics.  

The exam-preparation webinars will concentrate on examination technique, time management and analysing some of the 32 exam-type questions in the MSC Study Guide - these are based on 64 of the 67 course assessment criteria.

Course Outline  (as followed by the MSC PMQ Study Guide)


Chapter   1 - Project, Programme and Portfolio (P3) Management

Chapter   2 - Project Life Cycles, Infrastructure - Project Offices, Methods

Chapter   3 - Project Environment, and Risk Management

Chapter   4 - Stakeholder Management, Success and Benefits Management, Business Case

Module 2: DELIVERY I

Chapter   5 - Planning and the Project Management Plan, Estimating

Chapter   6 - Scope Management I:  Scope Definition and Management, Requirements Management

Chapter   7 - Scope Management II: Change Control, Configuration Management

Chapter   8 - Time and Resource Management: Time scheduling - Critical Path and Critical Chain, Resource Scheduling  


Chapter   9 - Accounting and Procurement

Chapter 10 - Earned Value Management

Chapter 11 - Quality Management and Legal Matters

Chapter 12 - Reviews, Information Management, Communications


Chapter 13 - Organisational Structure, Roles, Project Governance

Chapter 14 - Leadership

Chapter 15 - Teamwork

Chapter 16 - Negotiation and Conflict Management


Appendices - Examination technique, Question selection, Revision paper, Additional questions.

 Tel +44 (0) 1892 506872 :: Management Skills Centre |  2023

   Course Dates

Cost: £850 +VAT

Duration: Four morning sessions 9.05 to 12.00


11th to 14th December 2023