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APM Qualifications Compared


APM now offers three main examination-based qualifications in project management:

  • APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) - formerly known as the Introductory Certificate
  • APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ) - formerly known as APMP
  • APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ)

Note that PPQ is a Recognised Assessment for technical knowledge when applying via Route 1 for the APM Chartered Standard (ChPP) .  This is a simplified route to achieving ChPP


APM Qualifications compared

Qualification PFQ PMQ PPQ
Original Title Introductory Certificate APMP -
SCQF level 6 7
Prior experience None 2 - 4 years 5 - 6 years
Number of examinations 1 1 4
Total cost of online APM examination non-member fees (to 31 December 2020) £143 + VAT £395 + VAT £1492 + VAT
Type of examination Online Online/Written Online/Written
Length of examination (hrs) 1 3 3
Pass mark 60% 55% 60%
What does the assessment test? Knowledge Knowledge and understanding Knowledge and its application
Type of questions Multiple choice Essay type Scenario based
Questions to be answered/on the paper 60/60 10/16 4/4
Membership level attained from award Associate Associate Full