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PMQ Online Examination only

The Management Skills Centre arranges APM examinations on alternate Mondays - 29 June, 13 and 27 July, 10 and 24 August. From September onwards we intend to maintain the two-weekly intervals between examination days.

Delegates wishing to book a PMQ online exam are requested to fill in the MSC booking request form and email us with details of when they wish to take the exam.

It is assumed that only BoK7 exams are required.  If delegates wish to take the BoK6 examination (which is available from APM until 31 December 2020), they should fill in the MSC course booking form and send an accompanying email to explain that they require a BoK6 examination.

   Course Dates

Cost: £455.00 +VAT



Booking Request Form
PMQ Online Examination only
Submit this form for details
Submit this form for details
£455.00 +VAT