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PMQ Online Classroom

Course Summary

The MSC PMQ Study Guide (in electronic and paper versions) is designed to give you the required knowledge plus material to help develop understanding. It contains:

  • Sixteen chapters at the end of which are past APM sample questions of relevance.
  • Appendix on examination technique.
  • Appendix containing APM Specimen Examination Paper of 16 questions, plus an additional 16 questions; these 32 questions are based on  64 of the 67 assessment criteria.
  • Appendix containing notes for answers to all 32 questions.

All delegates have access to the online MOODLE learning management system which contains:

  • PDF version of the MSC Study Guide.
  • Introductory video podcast (in MP4 format) to the course - how to study.
  • 36 video podcasts  to cover the knowledge required by the syllabus - listen to the tutor, see the slides.
  • 60 multiple-choice questions in four quizzes each taking 15 minutes.
  • Copies of all APM PMQ documentation - syllabus, sample paper, guide for candidates.
  • Copies of all slides used in the classroom version and podcasts.

APM Examination and Examination preparation

The three-hour fifteen-minute APM PMQ examination is held online. Candidates have to answer ten questions from sixteen on the examination paper. Each question is divided into two parts - part (a) worth 40% of the total mark for the question, and part (b) 60%.

Exam preparation involves:

  • Development of understanding of the topics -  using a workshop format.
  • Cultivating awareness of exam procedure, time management, question selection and development of answers - referring to some of the 32 exam-type questions in the Study Guide Appendix 3. 
  • Noting that the question format has altered (in 2020) for the new syllabus, based on BoK7 rather than BoK6.
  • Submitting assignments of up to five exam-type questions from Appendix 3 of the Study Guide, which will be marked by the tutor to examination standard.
    • Tutor experienced in project management and with many years experience of presenting APM courses.
    • Tutor available throughout the course to deal with e-mailed queries.
    • Tutor available every Friday lunchtime to deal with online queries using ZOOM.

Course Introduction

PMQ  is the qualification for anyone who has worked within project management for up to two years, such as project office personnel, team members, or recently appointed project officers, or for anyone who has recently taken on project management responsibilities as part of their job. 

PMQ is a knowledge-based foundation-level qualification enabling participation in projects from individual assignments through to large capital projects. The qualification is recognised worldwide.

The fee covers four days of online training, the one-day exam workshop, a 300-page Study Guide, additional course material which includes a copy of all slides used, access to MOODLE and the video podcasts. 

This qualification allows candidates to demonstrate knowledge of all elements of project management in order to assist in the management of projects. Candidates with this qualification will be able to demonstrate an understanding of how these elements interact. They will also be able to understand how their project fits into their strategic and commercial environment.

All delegates are advised that the course requires a total of 76 hours study; this includes both the guided learning (where there is interaction with the tutor) and the directed development (where the candidate works on their own).  Prior to the course, at least 10 to 12 hours study is recommended.

Course Outline  (as followed by the MSC PMQ Study Guide)


Session 1 - Project, Programme and Portfolio (P3) Management, Common Causes of Project Failure.

Session 2 - Project Life Cycles, Infrastructure - Project Offices, Methods

Session 3 - Project Environment, and Risk Management

Session 4 - Stakeholder Management, Success and Benefits Management, Business Case

Module 2: DELIVERY I

Session 5 - Project Management Plan, Estimating

Session 6 - Scope Management I:  Scope Definition and Management, Requirements Management

Session 7 - Scope Management II: Change Control, Configuration Management

Session 8 - Schedule Management: Time and Resource Management  


Session 9 - Accounting and Procurement

Session 10 - Earned Value Management

Session 11 - Quality Management and Legal Matters

Session 12 - Reviews, Information Management and Reporting, Communications


Session 13 - Organisational Structure, Roles and Project Governance

Session 14 - Leadership

Session 15 - Teamwork

Session 16 - Negotiation and Conflict Management


Examination technique, Question selection, Revision paper, Additional questions.

Further details such as syllabus, candidate guidance notes and a sample paper can be downloaded from the MSC MOODLE or the APM website .

Course duration and Venues

The training and workshop are presented over a three-week period; the APM examination is organised separately and taken when the candidate is ready.


Registration is confirmed when:

    • either payment is received by cheque, bank transfer or card payment through Paypal.
    • or an official Purchase Order is received.

 Tel +44 (0) 1892 506872 :: Management Skills Centre |  2023

   Course Dates

Cost: £1150 +VAT

Duration: Four days training plus one day exam workshop


July 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 29th 2024