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Blended Learning

The PMQ self-study course fee of £799 + VAT includes:

  • Our 300-page MSC PMQ Study Guide - to give you the required knowledge - it contains:
    • 49 current and past APM sample questions .
    • 16 chapters divided into four modules each taken in one day of the classroom version.
    • Appendix on examination technique .
    • Appendix containing Specimen Examination Paper of 16 questions plus an additional 16 questions.
    • Notes for answers to all 32 questions.
  • On-line access to MOODLE learning management system which contains:
    • 36 video podcasts in MP4 format - listen to the tutor, see the slides - nearly six and a half hours long.
    • 60 multiple-choice questions  in four quizzes each taking 15 minutes.
    • copies of all APM PMQ documentation - syllabus, sample paper, guide for candidates.
    • copies of all slides used in the podcasts.
  • Direct e-mailed tutor support  - to deal with any problems encountered and for up to 6 questions, to mark any answers submitted and provide overall comments with suggestions for improvement.
  • One-day examination-preparation workshop - to develop understanding - the links and interactions between topics.  How is this done - through discussion of 32 exam-type questions for which the basic knowledge is provided in "notes for answers".
  • The APM examination fee of £407 + VAT (from 1 April 2019).

The examination can be taken at the end of any of the modular APMP courses.

Course Outline  (as followed by the MSC PMQ Study Guide)


Session 1 - Project, Programme and Portfolio (P3) Management, Common Causes of Project Failure.

Session 2 - Project Life Cycles, Infrastructure - Project Offices, Methods

Session 3 - Project Environment, and Risk Management

Session 4 - Requirements Management, Stakeholder Management, Success and Benefits Management, Business Case

Module 2: DELIVERY I

Session 5 - Project Management Plan, Estimating

Session 6 - Scope Management I:  Scope Definition and Management, Requirements Management

Session 7 - Scope Management II: Change Control, Configuration Management

Session 8 - Schedule Management: Time scheduling, Resource Scheduling  


Session 9 - Accounting and Procurement

Session 10 - Earned Value Management

Session 11 - Quality Management and Legal Matters

Session 12 - Reviews, Information Management and Reporting, Communications


Session 13 - Organisational Structure, Roles, Governance of Project Management

Session 14 - Leadership

Session 15 - Teamwork

Session 16 - Negotiation and Conflict Management


Examination technique, Question selection, Revision paper, Additional questions.

 Tel +44 (0) 1892 506872 :: Management Skills Centre |  2019

   Course Dates

Cost: £799 (inc exam) +VAT

Duration: 2 days


3rd and 4th December 2019
Westminster, London
28th and 29th January 2020
Westminster, London
17th and 18th March 2020
Westminster, London