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NEW Distance Learning APM PMQ course

02 Jun 2017

A new Distance Learning version of the APM PMQ training course is now available.  It uses the 36 new on-line video podcasts for PMQ.  In the MP4 podcasts, you can both hear the tutor and see the slides that are being talked about.  They last about six and a half hours and cover all the topics in the APM PMQ syllabus.


MSC Video Podcasts for APM PFQ and APM PMQ

12 May 2017

MSC has made available video podcasts in MP4 format for both APM PMQ and APM PFQ courses.  Viewers can both hear the tutor and see the slides used in the presentation.  These are sometimes called screencasts.


MSC Reaccredited by APM for next five years

28 Apr 2017

The MSC has now been accredited by APM to deliver APM PFQ and APM PMQ (including APM PMQ for registered PRINCE2 Practitioners) for a further five years - until 31 December 2021. 


New edition of PMQ Study Guide

28 Apr 2017

A new edition of the MSC PMQ Study Guide will shortly be available.  It contains more examples reflecting the relevance and application of PMP to real-life projects.  49 questions from past and current APM Sample Papers appear at the end of the chapters for discussion, and there are another 32 questions with notes for answers to be dissected at an examination workshop. The Guide can be used in classroom courses or as part of a distance or blended learning course.


Why take APM PFQ?

26 Mar 2017

It's all about how to get things done - a mini-course in applied management that challenges you to find if there's more to project management than just common sense. The APM Project Management Qualification (PFQ) is the place to start.


How do I get to RPP from PMQ?

11 Jan 2017

As APM have now been awarded Chartered status, the register of Registered Project Professionals (RPP) will become more important. There is a refreshed RPP standard that will take effect in February 2017. Who should take the new developmental route via PPQ to RPP?


APM publishes new RPP standard

11 Jan 2017

APM has published the newly-refreshed APM Registered Project Professional (RPP) standard. The standard provides a developmental route for holders of APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ) and APM Practitioner Qualification (PQ), and secondly an experimental route for those with at least seven years’ relevant experience.


APM updates qualification names

11 Jan 2017

The APM qualifications will (from 25 October) be known under different names. This rebranding exercise ensures that the titles demonstrate the level at which they are pitched - project fundamentals (PFQ), project management (PMQ) and project professional (PPQ).


The Privy Council has granted a Charter of Incorporation to APM

11 Jan 2017

The Association for Project Management has taken a significant step towards achieving Chartered status.

The Privy Council considered the application at its meeting on 12 October 2016 and has now issued an Order of Grant. This has triggered a process which will see the association awarded a Charter, which will be printed on vellum and sealed.


APM's 201 Salary and Market Trends Report

11 Jan 2017

Salaries are up 10 per cent compared to 2015 with the average project professional now taking home £50,000 and enjoying £6,000 of additional benefits annually.


New APM Qualification PPQ

11 Jan 2017

APM have announced that their new Project Professional Qualification (PPQ) launches on Thursday 21st April 2016.


APM Chartered status one step further on

25 Jan 2016

The three Appeal Court Judges unanimously confirm the High Court's rejection of PMI's appeal.


APM announces record-breaking year

26 Oct 2015

The award-winning Association for Project Management has announced in its Annual Review 2014/15, a record-breaking performance for the third year running.


New MSC Study Guide for the Introductory Certificate

15 Oct 2015

A new Study Guide for the Introductory Certificate - The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification has been completed. It is based on the APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition and accompanies both training sessions and distance learning.


APMP Training Course in Bristol

10 Nov 2014

An APMP Training Course will be held in Bristol in March 2015 at Engineers' House, Clifton Down. 


APM Training Courses in Bristol

06 Oct 2014

During February next year, we will be holding our first training course in Bristol for the Introductory Certificate: The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification.  It will be based at Engineers' House in Clifton Down, Bristol.


First of refreshed Introductory Certificate courses - 100% pass

05 May 2014

Last Thursday in London Westminster, our first candidates took the examination for the new Introductory Certificate - the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification.  All passed successfully and the whole course went very smoothly. 


APM announce sustained success for 2013/14

16 Apr 2014

Another record year for the 12 months ending March 2014, with membership topping 21,150 and a record 14,400 candidates taking its professional qualifications. 


New APMP Study Guide

16 Apr 2014

APMP Study Guide coverOur comprehensive, new APMP Study Guide for the APM Project Management Qualification.

Publisher:  Management Skills Centre Publications

Publishing date: 17 April 2014 

Paperback: 300 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9928841-0-9

Product Dimensions: 246 x 189 x 16 mm


What's changed in the revised APM syllabuses?

21 Mar 2014

APM qual logoThe new revised APM syllabuses for the IC and APMP will be adopted for all our training courses held after Easter 2014. Re-sits based on the current syllabus will be available until December 2014.


NEW - Revised Syllabuses for the IC and APMP

04 Feb 2014

APM qual logo

On 20th January 2014 APM announced revised syllabuses for their most popular qualifications - the Introductory Certificate and the APMP.   Examinations based on the current syllabus will continue to be available until December 2014.
APMP Training Courses in London

APMP Training Courses in London

03 Nov 2013

Our APMP courses are evolving.  Not just in reflecting some of the developments in research but in finding new and more convenient ways for delegates to successfully achieve the APMP qualification.  Our modular format is now presented through Online APMP Webinars or at up-to-date APMP Training facilities in London such as Broadway House in Westminster, London.

APMP Training in Oxfordshire

APMP Training in Oxfordshire

17 Oct 2013

During September we held our first training course for the APM APMP qualification in Oxfordshire at the Milton Park Innovation Centre, which is based in one of Europe’s biggest business estates.  It is close to science centres where complex scientific projects have been successfully delivered for the past sixty years.  


APM Introductory Certificate online launched

13 Oct 2013

Our first APM Introductory Certificate online started on 12th October.  It was fun!


New online interactive webinars

15 Aug 2013

“It's efficient. It's effective. It's not very expensive. The people who have never seen such a thing before are amazed.”

– Jan Wilson, Business Team LeadVital Assets, LLC.


Introductory Certificate online

06 Jul 2013

On 1st July 2013, APM launched Introductory Certificate online. The same 60 multiple-choice questions in the IC examination may be viewed on screen via APM's online exam portal. This will be available immediately for the venue-based courses - invigilated by the MSC.

From 1 October 2013, remote live invigilation will be introduced using a webcam linked to the delegate's computer.  This means that delegates can be remote - no need to attend a venue.

Immediate indication of result at the end of the examination.


Reaccreditation as an APM Training Provider

12 Apr 2013

Another four years! Yes, we have successfully achieved APM reaccreditation as a Training Provider for the Introductory Certificate and the APMP.

2012 was an excellent year - 75% growth in the number of delegates, 95% of advertised courses took place, a 97% pass rate on the Introductory Certificate.

And 2013?  In the first three months, the growth in delegate numbers is even higher than in 2012!  Look out for new developments coming shortly.


BAA Heathrow want 100% of their project managers to hold APMP

27 Jan 2012

BAA Heathrow Airport programme director Julian Foster expects 100% of his project managers to hold APMP by the end of the year.


APM Chairman's Report

26 Oct 2011

All projects succeed. This is the future vision for APM and the profession as a whole, which was unveiled by Mike Nichols, APM Chairman, at the APM Awards on Thursday20th October 2011.


NLP4PM - making soft skills less hard

25 Oct 2011

A most interesting presentation at a meeting of the APM Thames Valley branch was given by Dr Peter Parkes on 12th October. He talked from his own experience about the value of using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in project management.


Intuition and Apple and project teams

07 Oct 2011

This comment is on an article that appeared in yesterday's Guardian, "Why do some people really hate Apple?"

In addition to the ideas expressed in the article, I believe there may be another reason for a dislike of Apple which is do with intuition.



Leadership competency profiles of successful project managers

This is the title of a paper by Ralf Muller and Rodney Turner that appeared early in 2010 in the International Journal of Project Management (Volume 28 Issue 5 2010 p437-448).  It examines the leadership competency profiles of successful project managers in different types of project.

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How NASA builds teams - Mission critical soft skills for scientists, engineers and project teams

Charles Pellerin is a former Director of NASA's Astrophysics Division where he led the team that repaired the Hubble Space Telescope.  THis book with the above title describes a team-building process that is "proven, quantitative and requires only a fraction of the time and resources of traditional training methods."  His model starts from the premise that social context (i.e. relating to the interactions of people) drives behaviour and perceptions. This understanding of how technical people interact shows how they can be motivated to work more effectively.

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Leadership and decision-making

A study of leadership and adaptive decision-making has been published by Gary Klein.  Why is it important? Simply it is because it is based on real-life studies of how experts and top professionals adapt to meet the needs of a situation.

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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

What distinguishes the star performers from those who are just average?  Daniel Goleman brought together a substantial body of research and literature relating to this topic.  Others have continued the research to establish that Emotional Intelligence is one of the most important determinants of success in the workplace.

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