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Reaccreditation as an APM Training Provider

Reaccreditation as an APM Training Provider

12 Apr 2013

Another four years! Yes, we have successfully achieved APM reaccreditation as a Training Provider for the Introductory Certificate and the APMP.

2012 was an excellent year - 75% growth in the number of delegates, 95% of advertised courses took place, a 97% pass rate on the Introductory Certificate.

And 2013?  In the first three months, the growth in delegate numbers is even higher than in 2012!  Look out for new developments coming shortly.

Reaccreditation is about quality assurance, so we are delighted with the kind comments from our Assessor which we are told have to remain confidential, although we would love to share them with you!

In the past year, we have moved our Cambridge courses to the St John's Innovation Centre and launched near Oxford at the Milton Park Innovation Centre. This is quite deliberate. Oxford, Cambridge and London (Imperial College and University College London) form what is sometimes known as the Golden Triangle - the four UK universities with the highest research income. Innovation is the development of better or more effective processes and products often being derived from university research projects. It is a subject taught as a special branch of management, but at the core is a need for effective project management.