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  • Aligned to 2020 BoK7 syllabus.
  • Training redesigned for online presentation.
  • Next online PFQ course starts Monday 17th August
  • Next online PMQ course starts Monday 10th August
  • Training and examinations repeated every two weeks.
  • Miss a session; join a later one, listen to a recording or podcasts.

Discounts for unemployed/furloughed

Four hundred (400) course discounts available to those made redundant or furloughed as a result of COVID-19.

Online Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) - £200 off - only £299 + VAT 

Online Project Management Qualification (PMQ) - £400 off - only £799 + VAT

These reduced fees include everything provided as part of the full online packages.

See here for more details for the PFQ and here for the PMQ.

Delegates' comments

"One of the most beneficial and enjoyable courses I have ever been on."

"An excellent couple of days spent training .. just the morale boost I needed having lost my job only two days beforehand."

" Thank you once again for a fantastic course. I would recommend your PMQ course without hesitation to my colleagues." 

Online training for PMQ and PFQ - does it work?

29 May 2020

The MSC started its webinars six years ago, so was able to launch its new online PFQ and PMQ courses with confidence. What have we learnt from our first few courses?

1. Many delegates are waiting for classroom courses to restart rather than enrol on an online course.

2. Webinars do provide excellent interaction between tutor and delegate in a manner missing in the recorded podcasts.

3. Webinars must be backed up by paper-based Study Guides as they still seem to be the preferred method of private study.

4. Session schedules and structure need to be changed to avoid leaving delegates as screen zombies. Webinars are not filmed versions of a classroom presentation.

Rather than wait for classroom training to resume, try online - it may surprise you how good it is!


Will BoK7 make much difference to training for PMQ/PFQ?

14 Apr 2020

New syllabuses for PFQ and PMQ will be introduced by APM in early May; these are based on the APM Body of Knowledge version 7, or BoK7.

So what is different? Perhaps the biggest change is inclusion of the iterative project life cycle, because this provides an alternative path to the traditional linear life cycle. It requires a radical rethink which challenges many of our previous assumptions.


For delegates already registered on BoK6 courses

10 Apr 2020

Online BoK6 examinations for both PFQ and PMQ will be available until the end of December 2020.

Online PMQ BoK6 examinations - Monday mornings (starting 1 June) on the same dates as the BoK7 examinations.

Online PMQ BoK6 examination workshops - Monday afternoons on 18 May, 8 June, 22 June, 6 July, 20 July.

Delegates already registered on BoK6 classroom courses in May and July have various options including to follow the online BoK7 training.


Studying for the PMQ

New BoK7 editions  now available of MSC Study Guides for PFQ and PMQ.

Accompany online, distance and classroom learning.

User comments on BoK6 editions:

PMQ:  "Fantastic guide to the PMQ course." "Easy to follow." 

PFQ:  "Easy to learn from." "Passed first time!  Would recommend."

For five or more delegates, it is cost-effective for a Small or Medium-size Enterprise (SME) to run an in-house classroom course for PFQ or PMQ.

For a PMQ classroom course with eight delegates, savings of about 30% on the MSC course fees may be made.

More delegates - bigger savings!

Additionally, save on delegates' travel and accommodation costs.  Available anywhere in the UK.

Our unique materials can be tailored to fit your own specific needs. The MSC range of on-line and classroom materials use the latest approaches to training that we  have developed and tested over many years.

Phone or email us to discuss what might be most suitable and to ask for a quotation.