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Online Learning PMQ

05 Oct 2018

A new online learning version of our PMQ course has been launched for those who want to study in their own time.  

A MOODLE Virtual Learning Environment supports the study; only the APM examination requires attendance. With over 70 million users worldwide, MOODLE is the most popular and trusted learning system around today, used by by many of the top universities in the UK and overseas.

Learn the knowledge from the MSC Study Guide or podcasts. Develop understanding of the topics by participating in the flipped-learning webinars. Try the quizzes, which give immediate results. Write answers to be marked online by the tutor. Have a one-to-one with the tutor. Use your very own account on MOODLE.

The PMQ online course fee of 1199 + VAT includes:

  • Our 300-page MSC PMQ Study Guide - to give you the required knowledge. It contains:
    • 49 current and past APM sample questions .
    • 16 chapters  each covered in about 90 minutes during the classroom course.
    • Appendix on examination technique .
    • Appendix containing Specimen Examination Paper of 16 questions, plus an additional 16 questions.
    • Notes for answers to all 32 questions.
  • On-line access to MOODLE learning management system which contains:
    • Introductory video podcast ( in MP4 format) to the online course.
    • 36 video podcasts  to cover the knowledge required by the syllabus - listen to the tutor, see the slides - nearly six and a half hours long.
    • 60 multiple-choice questions  in four quizzes each taking 15 minutes.
    • copies of all APM PMQ documentation - syllabus, sample paper, guide for candidates.
    • copies of all slides used in the classroom version and podcasts.
    • access to flipped-learning webinars to develop understanding of the course material.
    • access to exam-preparation webinars - to include planning the answers and working out the links and interactions between topics.  How is this done - through discussion of 32 exam-type questions for which the basic knowledge is provided in "notes for answers".
    • means to submit assignments and receive marks and comments from the tutor .
    • mock 90-minute examination (half the full paper) which is marked by the tutor. 
  • Attendance at the examination and also the APM examination fee of £395 + VAT (from 1 April 2018). The examination can be taken on the last day of any of the classroom PMQ courses.